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Digital Art Adventure:

Family Edition

Create, Bond, and Innovate Together!

Join us for 2 hours of family fun and learn how to generate digital art in this free hands-on workshop.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Unleash Your Inner Artist with AI!

Calling all curious parents and creative kids! Join us for a unique family-friendly AI art class where you'll explore the wonders of artificial intelligence while creating incredible artwork together. This is your chance to bond with your child, learn new skills, and be amazed by the possibilities of AI in the art world.

No prior art experience needed! This class is designed for absolute beginners of all ages (recommended for families with children 8+).

Through interactive activities and simple-to-use AI tools, you'll:

  • Discover the magic of AI art: Learn how AI can generate stunning visuals based on your ideas and prompts.

  • Collaborate & create: Work together as a family to brainstorm, describe, and refine your unique AI artwork.

  • Explore endless possibilities: From whimsical landscapes to fantastical creatures, unleash your imaginations.

  • Have tons of fun!: Enjoy a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere filled with laughter, learning, and shared creativity.

Family Fun & Creativity Await!

More than just art, this class fosters:

  • Family bonding: Share a unique experience that strengthens your connection through creative exploration.

  • Digital literacy: Introduce your child to the exciting world of AI and its potential.

  • Critical thinking & problem-solving: Learn to refine your prompts and work together to achieve artistic goals.

  • Self-expression & confidence: Witness the joy of seeing your ideas come to life through AI technology.

Leave with:

  • Unique AI-generated artwork: A cherished reminder of your creative journey together.

  • New skills & knowledge: Confidence to explore AI art further as a family.

  • Unforgettable memories: Laughter, fun, and a deeper connection through the power of art and technology.

Expect to Learn How to...


Research Artists

When creating art with AI, it helps to start with the name of an artist that you like. We'll show you how to find amazing artists like Todd MacFarlane, Salvador Dali, Rebecca Sugar, and more!


Research Art Genres

Once you know which artists you want to emulate, you'll want different genres to create exactly the style you're looking. Options could ne steampunk, anime, fantasy, and more!

Also Learn...


Prompt Generation

Learn what to write to get the AI to create what you want. There's a learning curve to writing prompts and we'll give you some tips and tricks to make it easier.


Top Digital Creation Tools

There are many generation tools available for fun and business. We'll show you some of our favorites. Keep your eyes open for other classes teach specific tools and genres.

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Learn to Create

Amazing Digital Art as a Family!

As a digital artist, you'll be able to create anime, cartoons, creatures, super heroes, villains, robots, steampunk, scenics, creepy stuff, fantasy, dragons, realistic people and scenes, and so much more!.

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